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The STAR Challenge

The STAR Challenge is designed for outstanding high school students from around the world. The challenge is specifically designed for high-performing students and draws material from many programs for top middle and high school students.


The Challenge will have two phases: (a) training, and (b) testing. The training phase will run for 18 weeks. The 2023 version of the STAR Challenge will focus on strengthening your knowledge of Intermediate Counting and Probability. In this phase, you will learn about discrete mathematics, including topics such as one-to-one correspondences, generating functions, combinatorics, probability, and graph theory. We assume no prior knowledge on the topic.

The testing phase will take place on a single day, which will test your knowledge on the material you learn in the training phase.

This material will not only prepare you for national and international math competitions, but also provide a solid foundation for your future studies in mathematics, sciences, programming, AI, economics, or finance.

Who is behind the STAR Challenge?

The STAR Challenge is run by the Global Talent Network, a nonprofit dedicated to identifying and nurturing talent around the world. 

The Global Talent Network partners with Art of Problem Solving (AoPS), to deliver training and training materials, and with the Global Talent Lab, a research center at the University of Bristol, to evaluate the impact of its activities.

What does it Cost to Participate?

Participation in the STAR challenge is completely free. This is possible thanks to generous support from philanthropic donors.

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Registration for the 2024 cohorts will open soon.