What is the Global Talent Network?

The Global Talent Network (GTN) is a non-profit initiative registered as a 501c3 entity in the US. 

Established in 2023 by Ruchir Agarwal and Patrick Gaule, GTN aims to advance knowledge and progress by discovering, nurturing, and empowering talent from every part of the globe.

We have presence in the US (Maryland), UK (Bristol), and other locations.

What does Global Talent Network do?

GTN operates various programs with the aim of:

Who funds Global Talent Network?

Our initiative was established with a founding donation from Carina Fund, in addition to support from Schmidt Futures.

What is the relationship between Global Talent Network and other talent initiatives?

While GTN operates independently, it shares a common goal with initiatives like Global Talent Lab, Math Talent Search Program of Carina Fund, Agency Fund, Behring Foundation—to discover and nurture talent. There might be collaborative efforts when missions align to foster a broader impact on the global talent ecosystem.

How do I submit a proposal for funding?

Currently, GTN has not outlined a public proposal submission process. For further details or inquiries, it's recommended to get in touch with us directly through our contact channels available on the website.

Is GTN aligned with the interests of any specific country?

No. GTN operates with a sense of global stewardship, aiming to serve and uplift talent from all regions of the world. We are not aligned with the interests of any specific country or political group. Our mission transcends borders, focusing on enabling every talented individual to realize their potential and contribute to the advancement of global knowledge and innovation.